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lets see...update...i make a lot of money. i only work four days a week. we have four cats...well two cats and two kittens. three rats. one has tilt...i need to take her to the vet friday. ronney's friend is supposed to be coming out but his car broke down. thanksgiving is going to be a long drive. Im excited for christmas cause moms giving me a lot of money and rons family is insanely nice to me and buys me lots of talkign a bedfull. ive been feeling very sick lately. like abnormally sick. but i dont want to worry ron. we move in the first. it keep sgetting moved back. which is gay. but with xmas bonus and income tax return, ill be loaded. i thinki m on fire. why does it burn? ughitty. um i think that's about it. i cant wait till we move. My madre said she'll pay for our apartment downpayment. help me get a car and let us stay with her till we find a place when we move. she has a waterfountain thing in her pool. i think ill probably want to stay when we get there. uh. I think thats it. I wouldn't want it any other way. true story. i think im dying. goodnight.morning stuff.
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