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I feel better.


How do you describe a life
so empty and painful?
Without purpose or thought.
When reaching out you
find nothing but the shallow,
the cold and sinking water
You've been drowning,
all this while smiling
like you knew. All the words
they've spoken, all the little
smirks, laughing at your heartache.
They loathe to think you sane.
And so I know i'm stronger.
There's nothing here to prove to you.
I stand to praise no one.
It's not worth condemning you
with your stupidity and morals
lacking. You clearly do not think.
I won't let you cloud my judgement.
For we all know what's to come.
It's never always love and flowers,
For you it will be blood and lies.
Ive stood in those shoes, As it's my past
You fall into now. You will drown
in the tears you cry, and i floated.
I will fit the noose so tightly
your porcelain face will be white.
Like the doll you used to be.
I will watch the life leave you.
Till your eyes so brown have fallen out
and lips are cracked with blood
You will swing with freedom at last.
When you have nothing left.
It will be the Liars turn.
For you must be two in one.
As the words you spewd so recently
All turn out to be so very false.
So the other you must be the true one.
Your ignorance has done you in.
How sad a character is this?
At first as she, and then all three,
I can see a trio of dead
You shall burn and writhe for hours,
Untill it means no more to me.
Your tongue should be destroyed.
Like a plague it spreads insanity.
You care for no one but your own self.
Not even for the things you've made.
You remained healthy while those
around you whithered. Now only you
shall whither and fade to oblivion.
As for the Devil himself.
Eyes to lie with, what you have.
Like ice the day i saw them.
The things i thought i felt.
You are quite the trickster. Eater
of hearts. Suppose its not malice,
but your moronic being completely.
Too foolish to see how false you are.
You are incapable of feeling at all.
The only heart you have
is the temporary ones you are feeding
off at the moment.
Lust is the only Love your capable of.
All of the sadness and tears are just water
A basic need for a demon like you.
I wish nothing but the worst on you,
as the only real evil i've ever known.
There will be no mercy or forgiveness
for a bastard, and failure like this.
So giving for a creature that wants
only to destroy your life.
Bring you misery even when
you feel you've escapted.
Abuser of all that you see.
Hypocrite, liar and fraud.
Your weakness sickens me still.
You have met your match this time.
It is not myself I speak of now.
Though i could speak of your bastard birth,
I could make your whole being hurt.
Yet you should not fear me.
But the one you're toying with now.
When one such as you plays with that fire.
Once you hurt the heart you hold now
My veangance will be completed for me.
So do not fear me dearest Devil.
Now when i can clearly see it.
It's plainly obvious what should come to pass.
Call this my gift to you.
A prophecy of sorts,
And when you all suffer, know
That I am free of it all,
As i revel in it now.
long before it's finished.

How do you describe these lives.
One's that feed on revenge, drama,
lies, and hatred. This is my only
and last attempt with words to
describe the web I've been trapped
inside for five years. This, my
prophecy of the end has freed me.
They are all dead to me now.
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